Bayley Hazen Military Road

Distance: 68 miles

Elevation gain: ~7,500 ft (GPS devices vary)

Road Surface: 30% asphalt, 63% gravel; 7% Class IV

A gravel bike adventure through the annals of Vermont history! Use this route to retrace the route of the Bayley Hazen military road, a fascinating piece of historical lore from the Revolutionary War era. The road was constructed on George Washington’s orders between 1776 and 1779 as a means for the Colonial forces to reach Canada and attack the British, but was ultimately abandoned after reaching what is today known as Hazen’s Notch.


Centuries later, the road has transformed into a varied combination of modern asphalt, gravel and rough trail, while parts of it have disappeared entirely. With research into the original route we were able to lay out a course to follow that was as close to historical accuracy as possible. Considering the forgotten state of several sections of the route, this means that you will find no small share of adventure along the way.

This route has been altered from the route we followed in the video in order to correct some mistakes and missteps we made along the way. (You will not have to carry your bike through any swamps if you follow this route!)

With special thanks to Jennifer Linck and Susan O’Connell, Craftsbury Public Library, for research assistance.