Peacham Delight

Distance: 30 miles

Elevation gain: 4,000-4,500 ft (GPS devices vary)

Road Surface: 12% asphalt, 88% gravel

This loop through the towns of Peacham, South Ryegate, Ryegate Corner and West Barnet will challenge and delight the most discriminating gravel riders. The views are spectacular, the climbs rewarding and the descents absolutely exhilarating.

Start your journey in the village of Peacham, nestled in the hills close to the Vermont-New Hampshire border. There’s a lovely cafe and a general store here that would appreciate your visit.

Head south on S Main Street and take a right on Maple Tree Lane. Green Bay Loop will take you through the hamlet of Green Bay, until you find the aptly named Great Road. This nice, long rolling descent will take you further south to cross over Minard Hill Road, up Hooper Hill Road and further on down into South Ryegate via Hall Road.

A short stretch on Creamery Road’s pavement and you’re back on the gravel of Gilfillan Road, climbing up to Ryegate Corner.

A quick climb puts you on Symes Pond Road, which features an epic descent and a lovely pond traversal at the bottom. From there, it’s a left onto Whitehill Road, one of the most challenging climbs of the day. It rewards you handsomely with descents and views as you head into West Barnet, and make the final moderate climb back into Peacham.