Quattro Pugni

Distance: 40 miles

Elevation gain: 4,080 ft (GPS devices vary)

Road Surface: 82% gravel; 18% asphalt

Video Preview: Check out our route tour video of this route here, or embedded above

The park & ride in Plainfield is an excellent starting/finishing spot for this ride. You’ll head out of town on Route 2 just briefly before heading straight into your first climb of the day, Hollister Hill. This is a 5-mile effort with a few false summits along the way, and plenty of beautiful farm views to distract you from the work.

After swinging around Luce Road, Max Gray Road will reward your efforts with a long descent into North Montpelier. Here, you’ll head straight across and up Lightening Ridge Road, taking a right onto Adamant Road (the top of the second “punch”) and then a left onto Fowler. This becomes Old West Church Road, and you will see its namesake before long, a locally famous old church on the left.

There’s a nice little general store at Maple Corner, just by Curtis Pond. From there it’s on to Calais Road and Worcester, by way of another awesome extended descent.

West Hill Road begins the third climb, and after a few rolling miles sends you cascading back down into Wrightsville. Here you will head south on Route 12 very briefly before turning onto Horn of the Moon Road, which passes the southern end of the Wrightsville Reservoir and some spectacular lakeside views. The switchback on this road marks the start of the fourth climb, which will take you up to County Road. A short stretch of pavement and you’re onto an extended downhill all the way back to Plainfield, with only a small rise on Snow Hill Road interrupting your well-earned reverie.