Fine Corinthian Gravel

Distance: 49 miles

Elevation gain: 5,168 ft (GPS devices vary)

Road Surface: 81% gravel; 18% asphalt; 1% Class IV

Starting from the town of Washington, you’ll head up East Orange Road, a solid extended climb which rewards you with an even longer, 7-mile descent. Check out the unique church at the corner of Fish Pond Road before continuing along the Waits River, and into the village of the same name.

A short stint on Route 25 will take you to Watson Hill Road, which climbs up to some great views on Spooner Road. Colby Road features some great technical descending and takes you down to Topsham Four Corners.

Swamp and Fuller Roads are your next challenges, the former more gradual than the latter, which pitches more sharply upward.

Once you turn onto N Road, you’ll be heading south, almost parallel to Interstate 91. Look to your left to scope some spectacular views of the distant White Mountains of New Hampshire.

This rolling and descending terrain will take you through West Newbury and Goshen, back to Route 25 for another short asphalt connector.

Hackett Hill Road features some beastly gradients but is not terribly long, and the views at the top make it all worth it; not to mention the smashing descents down the other side into South Corinth.

Recover your legs on the flats before you hit Meeting House Road off Brook Road; this is where a long climb begins, offering little relief for a solid ten miles.

After conquering this long ascent and having passed through Cookville and West Corinth, West Corinth Road will take you back down into Washington to your point of origin.