Our Plan is Simple

An epic 100 km route through Graniteville, Brookfield and Randolph, touring some notable sights and climbing several challenging hills.

Park at the Barre Town Forest parking lot, home of the Millstone Trails Association.

After a warm-up cruise along the Barre Town Bike Path and a dive into Williamstown, your first challenge presents itself as you climb up Pleasant Street to the picturesque Rood Pond.

Not long after, you’ll discover the legendary Floating Bridge, a historical site not to be missed.  Ride across to say you did, but then it’s back to business.

After a pleasant jaunt through Randolph Center, and a bombing downhill into South Randolph, you’ll spend a short while on Route 14 before tackling Davis Road, a sustained climb with spectacular views.

Meander your way back north to Old Post Road, and get ready for a fun Class IV section down Locke Ln into Brookfield.  Enjoy it, because it’s about to get real. East Hill Road is your next foe, and it’s the toughest climb of the day. An unrelenting beast of an ascent, this effort will test your mettle and make you second guess your life.  Don’t listen.  Push and pedal on.

Baptist Street will take you to your last major effort of the day, the climb up Tower Road.  Don’t forget to turn around and check out the view of the nearby granite quarries and the Green Mountains behind them once you reach the radio tower.

From here it is classic Vermont rolling gravel back into Websterville, ending on LittleJohn Road, all of which offers a spectacular final view of the mountains.

Distance: 63 miles

Elevation gain: 6,600 ft + (GPS devices vary; we got over 7k)